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High-performing restaurants have a structured benchmarking framework that is key to their success. Download Black Box Intelligence's Free Guide to build your restaurant benchmarking strategy and determine what competitive insights you can track to accelerate growth.

Download the Operator's Guide to Restaurant Benchmarking

Implement best practices derived from top-performing restaurants

Learn how to develop a structured approach to benchmarking to understand your restaurant's internal success as well as your position in the marketplace.

This guide includes:

  • The elements of a restaurant benchmarking framework
  • How to define your benchmarking mix and select KPIs
  • Examples of benchmarks you can apply to your restaurants
  • A Q&A about restaurant benchmarking from a top quartile restaurant brand
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Types of

Know the difference between internal, process, competitive and industry benchmarking so you can determine what will work best for your brand.

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Benchmarking Framework

Understand the process behind benchmarking and how to apply it to your decision-making cycle. Consistently analyze the results to identify key opportunities.

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What Metrics Should You Benchmark?

Get a full list of metrics you can use to gain competitive insights, from sales & traffic to the workforce, guests and consumer.

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