State of the Industry 2022 Webinar

By Black Box Intelligence

May 13, 2022 | 1PM- 2PM (CST)

The insights your team needs now to stay competitive and operate with excellence


Every day, we deliver the data, reports, and critical insights restaurant executives and their operators need. Once a year, we open the Black Box to all restaurant operators during our State of the Restaurant Industry Webinar.

By registering, you’ll get a front-row seat to the most up-to-date insights and KPIs that matter most to your restaurant operations, financial performance, guest experience, and of course, your workforce. Our experts will also provide critical context on pre-pandemic vs. pandemic performance.

Insights you'll walk away with:

  • Current restaurant sales and traffic growth trends for the industry as a whole, as well as limited- and full-service concepts
  • Share of current off-premise sales and its relation to the pre-pandemic norm
  • Average guest check growth and its impact on value sentiment from restaurant guests
  • Turnover trends for restaurant hourly employees and managers
  • Wage growth acceleration in response to the staffing shortages

We'll also explore:

  • Whether guest sentiment has recovered to pre-pandemic levels 
  • How guest sentiment has changed in recent months due to staffing challenges 
  • What best-in-class sales performance looks like in the restaurant industry today

Financial Intelligence

The restaurant industry’s go-to resource for financial benchmarks. Sales, traffic, PPA, sales per labor hour, etc. broken out by region, DMA, segment and cuisine.


Workforce Intelligence

Understand the relationship between your turnover and service scores and learn how it impacts your sales.


Guest Intelligence

The only tool built exclusively for restaurants monitoring online reputation. Does your brand, digitally, have a positive or negative impact on sales & traffic locally?